The Unbelievable Story of a Woman with Two Uteruses Pregnant in Both

In a remarkable turn of events, a 32-year-old woman from Alabama with a rare condition called “uterus didelphys” has found herself pregnant in both of her uteruses. Kelsey Hatcher, who has been sharing her unique journey on her Instagram account “doubleuhatchlings,” has known about her condition since she was 17. Uterus didelphys, which affects approximately 0.3 percent of females, is characterized by the presence of two uteruses. However, it was during a routine ultrasound in May that Hatcher discovered she was not only expecting twins this time around but that each of her uteruses was carrying a fetus.

Hatcher’s first ultrasound revealed an incredible surprise. She recalls, “We were kind of blown away! During that first ultrasound we had LOTS of laughs.” The obstetrician-gynecologist caring for Hatcher, Shweta Patel, explained that the most probable scenario is that Hatcher ovulated separately, resulting in one egg descending through each fallopian tube and finding its way into each of her uteruses. Fertilization then occurred independently in each uterus. The news of dual pregnancies in both uteruses is astounding and extremely rare. Hatcher indicates that she was told the odds of this occurrence were 1 in 50 million. The last widely known case was reported in Bangladesh in 2019 when Arifa Sultana gave birth to healthy twins 26 days apart.

While pregnancy complications are more common for women with a double uterus, Hatcher’s previous three children were all born healthy and full-term. With a due date set for Christmas, Hatcher is optimistic about giving birth naturally to both “Baby A” and “Baby B,” affectionately referred to as “the girlies.” However, the timing of contractions in each uterus poses a challenge. The contractions may occur minutes, hours, or even days apart. This variable timing raises the possibility that one or both babies may need to be delivered via cesarean section. As Hatcher faces this uncommon situation, she takes solace in the fact that she is receiving exceptional care at the esteemed Women & Infants Center at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Throughout this journey, Hatcher has faced numerous revelations and uncertainties, often being reminded by her doctors that her situation is unprecedented. However, she firmly believes that she has the best team of medical professionals supporting her every step of the way. Hatcher’s unwavering faith in the expertise of her care providers and the reputable facility where she is receiving treatment gives her confidence as she prepares for the birth of her twins.

Kelsey Hatcher’s story is nothing short of extraordinary. Being pregnant in one uterus is already a remarkable event, but being pregnant in both is an astonishing circumstance that is rarely seen. As Hatcher continues to document her journey on her Instagram account, the world eagerly awaits the safe arrival of “Baby A” and “Baby B.” This exceptional case sheds light on the complexities and wonders of the human body, serving as a reminder of the miracles that can happen even in the most unique situations.


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